A Blog Reboot

Welcome to the reboot of scottr.org. This is the third version of my
site. The original is still available. The second was at
iosdevelopmentjournal.com, which is now just all the posts before this one.

This iteration is heavily inspired by kottke.org and
Daring Fireball. I plan to post links of things I
find interesting, and longer posts about stuff. My personal posts will range
from commentary on other stuff online, programming things, games, and probably a burger review or something.

The site is still very much in development. Posts have tags, but there isn’t a
way to view all posts with a certain tag. Link posts’ titles are links to their
site, but the RSS and JSON feed don’t respect this (ala Daring Fireball). The
design is a modification of Jekyll’s default theme. Code highlighting is lame
at the moment.